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About us

The Hungarian Democratic Youth Union from Mures County is one of the oldest and with the largest activity among the youth organizations in Romania. Among its activities you can find the ALTER-NATIVE International Short Film Festival, creativity camps, mini-football county championship, as well as programs for the youth living in Tg.Mures.

In the last years the ALTER-NATIVE International Short Film Festival became a debut not only for the film creators from Romania and nearer regions, but also from the rest of Europe and the whole World. For the last twelve years, in Tg.Mures cinema-goers have had the opportunity to see 60-70 film on the average, and approximately the same number of directors, cameraman and producers have realized again and again that their work is watched with interest and appreciation.

The Sovata International Creative Camp for Young Artists was organized first in 1995 and then continues in every summer. The painting and sculptures finished during these two weeks are presented on an exhibition organized at the camp closing, the best ones being awarded also.

The Youth Information and Counseling Office eases the possibility for the youth from Mures County to access useful information concerning socio-cultural events, and other information helping to solve personal and group problems.

The H.D.Y.U. Mini-Football Championship is organized yearly in April-May. The duration of the championship is 2-3 months, it takes place on the sport ground of Tg.Mures Sport School and the first three teams are awarded. Since 2002 the activity of the organization was increase with a Table-Tennis Competition.

The TESZERAKT Sci-fi Club and "The X Files World Club" with screening of sci-fi movies and discussions about this topic popularize the sci-fi literature among the members.

The H.D.Y.U. is also offers various entertainment possibilities (concerts, series of lectures, performances, excursions, ski and summer camps etc.) and because our organizations attaches importance to embrace initiatives coming from the youth of Mures county, we are assisting to apply their ideas.

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