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Since 1995 we succeeded to organize in Sovata the International Creative Camp of the Fine Arts for Youth, which has as purpose: to provide possibility for the young artists, to enlarge their knowledge, with the guiding of qualified artists, who have enough professional experience.

We provide space for the confrontation of different artistic style, from Hungary, as well as for the exchange of experience for the schoolchildren, who come from different countries.

This creative camp provides introducing possibility for young artists, who search after an undisturbed atmosphere.

The young people go with pleasure to Sovata, the mood in the camp is very good, and they work more informal as in the school - workshops during the school - year.
Almost unobserved learn they from the artist - teacher, from each - other and from the invited masters, who organize very often meetings for them.

These, together spended days make a beneficial impression on their mentality, the Hungarian and the Romanian pupils came nearer to each other, they understand each other more better after one of this summer - camp.

At the end of the camp they will be a loyal community.

scifi_7.jpg scifi_6.jpg scifi_5.jpg scifi_4.jpg scifi_3.jpg scifi_2.jpg scifi_1.jpg Starting with May 1991 our Sci-Fi club has been launched with the "Science fiction- is it just a tale or real phenomenon from our everyday life?" lecture held for more then 80 people, followed by other video accompanied lectures. Our Sci-Fi club succeeded to promote this "science" between the youth as literature, plastic art, filmmaking.

Is the Sci-Fi a Story or a Social Phenomenon?
The Secret of the Palanquins Crypt
Uri Geller (Téglás Rezsõ)
Ant utopia and Literature of Warning (Toth Levente)
Robots in the Sci-Fi
The Olympus of the Sci-Fi Gods (Toth Levente)
Science in the Sci-Fi
From the creation of the club members
Why is the Sky dark at night?
Robert Sheckley
Sci-fi in music

From the Secrets of the Kheops Pyramid
Atomic Power-stations
Fantastic Asimov
Körösi Csoma Sándor (Imre Attila)
Computer-games in the Sci-Fi
One year old birthday (The parody - drama of the TVR 1 news sing)
From the Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle (Hunyadi Zsolt)
Genetics Sing, or the Case of the Jacob's Flock
Brain-control (Gönczi László)
The Statues of the Eastern Island
Spiders and Ants - Reality and Science fiction
Dyanetics (Gönczi László)
The Creation of Relationships with the Aliens - Imagination and Reality (Szatmári Zsolt and Tóth Levente)
Unexplainable Scientific Experiments
Time-Travel or Ancient Civilizations? (Bálint Ákos)
Damon Knight
Account of one's Experiences from "Romcon 1992"
Our Cosmology World Concept
Community of Insects
Twin Peaks (play)
Sci-fi in music (Tóth Levente)

The Phenomena of the Bacs Forest (Bukaresti Géza)
From the creation of the club members
The Theory of Entropy's from point of view of Asimov
The Dinosaurs from the Mesozoic until the Sci-Fi
Why UFO isn't a UFO? (Bálint Ákos)
Fredric Brown
The Vegetarianism as a Life style (Hunyadi Zsolt)
Glance in to a Possible Micro-Space
Programmed Visions or Computerized Tricks in the Movie (Tóth Levente)
The Fantastic Games of the Science
The Laws and Consequences of Robotics
From the creation of the club members
The Reservation Theory (Borbáth Csaba)
The Theory of Relativity and the sci-fi
Jurassic Park and the Theory of Chaos
Star Trek - The Crazy Generation (play)

Mysterious Phenomena (Keresztes Ervin)
Limits-Science and Delusions (dr. Urbanovici Ernõ)
The Vegetarianism (László Oliver)
William Gibson and the Cyber-Punk Tendency
The Drawings from Nazca Plateau
The Parapsychology in the sci-fi
The Problematic of the Time-Machine
Farkas Ernõ Teachers of Literature about the sci-fi literature
The Creation of Relationships with the Aliens in the sci-fi
War, from the Stone Age to the Science Fiction
The Planets of the Solar System

The Pyramid of Kheops
Sex and Love in the sci-fi
Sci-fi in the Music
Computer-games in the sci-fi
Antes and Spiders
Our Games
Connections with Alien Civilizations
Megalithic Civilization
The secret of the Palenque Crypt
The statues of Eastern Islands
The Flying Theory of the Helicopter
Modern science and Eastern Wisdom (Bálint Ákos)
Parapsychology in the sci-fi
Iks Fails - The Graffiti Case (play)

The Veil from Torino
Our Cosmological view of Life
The Science of Numbers (Czenger Melinda and Csikos Péter Zoltán)
The Chaos
The Vacuum-energetic
Japan Temples and Altars (prof. Budea Beatrice)
The Third Wave
Humor in sci-fi
The Anthropology Principle
War, from the Stone Age to the science fiction
Aliens in the Bible
The Deep Void in the Music
Strange Experiments
The Mummies
Traditional Japanese Medicine with the Modern Instruments (György Magda)
Science fiction and Mathematics
Twin Peaks 2 (play)

The Means of Transportation of sci-fi
From the Flock of Jacob
The Life after Death in the sci-fi literature
Fredric Brown
Paranormal in sci-fi
The best sci-fi stories
The Accidents of the Nuclear Power Stations
The Secrets of the Past
A Sphinx
Apocrypha movies (5 short films)

Mohendzso Daro
What is the sci-fi?
The UFO-s and the sci-fi
Nano-Technology in the sci-fi
The Short Story of the Chess
Black Holes and sci-fi
A.E.Van Vogt
The sci-fi Movie-world

The Secrets of the KV 5 Grave
Drug and sci-fi
The Fans of sci-fi
Michael Crichton
The idea of the organization of small playing field football champion ships was born in spring of 1991. In Tg.-Mures were organized more traditional small playing field champion ships, but the HDYU CUP started with different conception than the others did. We want to plant in life the spirit of Coubertin: "The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.", in this way creating possibility to make new friendships for the Hungarian young people from Mures County.
The beginning was encouraging. The initiative was successful.

From 1993 was organized in every spring the HDYU CUP. In the last time on the program took place 12 minifootball teams from Tg- Mures and environs.

The Champion ship includes more rounds. After the last season the first 4-place winner and the goal-getter will be reward. The matches are referees by sport teachers, which have an umpire document. During the years developed the rules of the championship. These rules are obligatory for every team.
Our organization is on the opinion that it is very important to encourage the young people to be together in the programs for youth. So they can take part on sport-events.
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